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The Gyrotonic is THE new exercise which has taken the USA by storm. This training method on a machine is inspired by yoga, dance, swimming and taï-chi. It has quickly attracted fit sports men and women, aswell as the more mature, pregnant women and anyone who wants to shape up. Nathalie is avaiaible for private and collective coaching. After one session you will have the sensation you have grown and stretched.  

GYROTONIC® CONDE ORGAZ - TRAINING STUDIO MADRID has created an "on-line shop". 
Practical and smart, you can choose the most appropriate formula for you, buy from your home and print a GIFT CARD. 
You will find WELL BEING packs for all tastes. 

GYROTONIC® CONDE ORGAZ - TRAINING STUDIO MADRID offers you relaxation and well-being : 
- A warm and sophisticated setting where you can be pampered. 
- Experience and advice realised by a team of professionals. 

The centre is moreover recommended by numerous osteopaths, physiotherapists, traumatologists and doctors. 


Practical information

Calle del Moscatelar 18 - Metro Esperanza / Arturo Soria
Tel.: 91 759 52 53