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Walk in snowshoes in the Siete Picos

With all the snow which has fallen recently, there is still time to enjoy hiking in snowshoes. The Siete Picos walk is a very good option as it is not difficult, you don't need to have a high standard and the views are fabulous as you follow the edge of the ridge. The departure point is in Puerto de Navacerrada. You can carry on indefinately until the Puerto de la Fuenfria, an historic pathway between Madrid and Segovia just like the one shown to the remains of the Roman army who returned along the Schmit road. The other option is to return on the same track. The restaurant and shop Venta Arias situated in Puerto de Navacerrada rents all the necessary equipment.

Practical information

Venta Arias 
Puerto Navacerrada s/n - Cercedilla ( Madrid)

Tel.: 91 852 36 52 – 91 852 14 32

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