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A trip in canoe on the river Guadiela

Situated at an hour and a half from Madrid and a few kilometres from Sacedón, the río Guadiela is one of those magic places to discover with friends or family. The turquoise water isshelter for crayfish and all sorts of fish which make it perfect for fishermen. The cliffs serve as a refuge for a multitude of vultures. The best way to see and experience the charm of this beautiful river is by canoe. The more courageous can continue until the canyon of Javalera or the Bolarque reservoir. Those who stop earlier can enjoy the bathing pool and waterfalls down the cliff (from 2 to 7 metres). 
Don't miss stopping at la Ermita de San Andrés, nestling in the cliff. 
Apparently this magical place is very busy at weekends in the good weather.We visited it in the week when it was a haven of tranquility.

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