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El Hayedo de Montejo

This fabulous beech grove is a protected natural area. You must book your visit in adavance by calling the above number and a guide will come with you. When you reach Montejo, stop at the to confirm your registration. They will give you the instructions to go to the park which is still 8 km away. 
The natural park of Montejo must be visited in autumn when colours are the most beautiful. Your guide will help you identify all the different sort of trees including beeches, oaks, silver birches and many others. This park has a very special atmosphere and is associated with many legends... 
A good alternative to the official visit is to take the bridge that crosses the Jarama river just at the entrance of the park. Take the pass on the left following the stream. You will reach an abandoned sheepfold where you can stop for a snack.

Practical information

From Madrid, follow theA1 - Exit at  km 74 - Take the road to the right and just follow signs for Montejo de la Sierra
Centro de Recursos de Montaña - Montejo de la Sierra  - Tel.: 91 869 70 58

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