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Cross country skiing near Madrid

At the foot of the Pico del Nevero (Puerto de Navafria) between the pines and at an altitude of 1773 metres, you will find the Nordic Ski Centre of Navafria. There you can hire cross country skiis and follow the 14 kilometres of pistes in the middle of the pines. The setting is magnificent and wild. It is difficult to imagine you are only one hour away from the capital! And as we know that after such effort you will need to recuperate, its possible to ask for them to open a shelter and to bring wood to make a roaring fire in the chimney while you have lunch. A fantastic day to look forward to. For those who don't want to cross country ski can hire snow shoes.

Practical information

Navafria nordic ski centre
Puerto de Navafría  1h15 from Madrid
Tel.: 91 869 53 11 – 629 339 369
Open from 9h00 to 17h00
You can rent skis,boots and snowshoes

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