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From Puerto de Navacerrada to Cercedilla returning by train

Very pleasant for the family. You begin the ride at Puerto de Navacerrada and make your descent until Cercedilla station passing through a very picturesque landscape. The train takes you back to your starting point at Puerto de Navacerrada. 
2 recommendations: 
1. Avoid when it is cold 
2. Carry a good map because the trails are very poorly marked.

Practical information

Getting there: 
Take the Carretera de Colmenar Viejo (M 607) and continue towards the Puero de Navacerrada. 
Starting point: At Puerto de Navacerrada.
Duration: 3:00 hours to get to Cercedilla (timing does not include stops). 
Return by train: Cercedilla. Check schedules at the site of the renfe. 
Map Guadarrama, Parque Natural de Peñalara: E25.


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