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Tree top courses

Ecoparque Aventura Amazonia: diversión en los árboles  
Enjoy a unique day of adventure: Ecoparque offers different courses in the trees for adults and children (children aged from 6 and up who are at least 115 cm tall can participate). There are walks and games for all ages which involve not touching the ground via the use of platforms, ropes and cables. Organisers promise 100% respect of nature and complete safety.


Tel.: 902 511 462 

De Pino a Pino
Another aerial adventure tree course. The first place mentioned above opened  in Spring 2007 and takes place in the beautiful environment of “La Barranca” . There are several activities and circuits for children from 9 years.
Area Recreativa de las Vueltas - Valle de la Barranca - Navacerrada 
Tel.: 659 454 568

Area Recreativa del Chorro - Navafría - Segovia 
Tel.: 653 454 568



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